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ID Employee Name Department Heading Description Year
1ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Topic: Role of Education in Empowering Women Through Generation of Employment in Assam (Conducted byHarhi College, Gobindapur, Assam)2013
2ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Youth Unrest: Issues and Impacts on Socio- Economic Development (Conducted by Nalbari Commerce College, 6th,7th April,2013)2013
3ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Women Education as a Human Rights- It\'s Reality in the Context of Socio-economic Development (Conducted by Paschim Barigog Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Kamrup, 23rd,24th April,2013)2013
4ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Role of NABARD for the Upliftment of Rural Economy of Assam with Special Reference to Nalbari District (Conducted by Goreswar College, 24th,25th April,2013)2013
5ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Poverty and Human Development: An Analytical Study in Assam (Conducted by Doomdooma College on 10th,11th May,2013)2013
6ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Mathematical Tools in Cobb-Douglas Production Function (Conducted by Lakhimpur Girls College on 29th,30th August,2014)2014
7ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Status of Educated Unemployment in Assam (Kamrup College on 30th,31st May,2013)2013
8ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Modernization and Women Empowerment: A Study in the Context of Economic Development of Assam ( Conducted by M.N.C.Balika Mahavidyalaya on 15th,16th October,2014)2014
9ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Financial Inclusion and SHG-Bank Linkage Programme in Assam (Conducted by M.N.C.Balika Mahavidyalaya on 18th,18th October,20142014
10ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSInternational Conference Women Empowerment and Socio-economic Development: A Quantitative Analysis in the Context of Assam ( Conducted by Gossaigaon College on 4th,5th,6th February,2015)2015
11ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSInternational Conference A Study of the Contribution to Rural Women in Work-Force Participation of Assam (Conducted by Gossaigaon College on 26th,27th,28th August, 2019)2019
12ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSInternational Conference A Macro-Level Study on the Impact of Climate Change on Human Activities Specially in the Context of Indian Economy (Conducted by Gossaigaon College on 3rd,4th,5th February, 2020)2020
13ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Mathematical Economics & It\'s Applications ( Publisher: Kasturi Printers and Publishers)2014
14ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Basic Application of Mathematics in Economics (Publisher: Ashok Book Stall)2015
15ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Microeconomics Published by Ashok Book Stall2017
16ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Macroeconomics Published by Ashok Book Stall2017
17ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Refresher on Economics Published by Ashok Book Stall2018
18ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introduction to Environmental Economics, Published by Ashok Publication.2019
19ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Mathematical Methods for Economics, Published by Ashok Publication 2019
20ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Microeconomics Published by Ashok Publication. 2019
21ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Microeconomics II, Published by Ashok Publication. 2020
22ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Macroeconomics, Published by Ashok Publication. 2020
23ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Macroeconomics II, Published by Ashok Publication 2021
24ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Environmental Economics: An Indian Experiences, Published by Global Net Publication, New Delhi2020
27Newly ‘constructed masculinity’ in Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like a Man.Gender plays a hugely important part in society. Specifically, a situation in which men frequently oppress women and where women are assigned responsibilities that make it clear that they are less capable of acquiring and using arbitrary authority than men are. In his play “Dance Like A Man”, Mahesh Dattani takes on these issues head-on as a dramatist. He challenges the socialization of gender roles and the hierarchy of the sexes. The present paper attempts to explore the discourse of masculinity, patriarchal hegemony and gender construction within the margin of family unit characterized by generation gaps as depicted in the play. International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences. Vol-7, Issue-5; Sep-Oct, 2022.ISSN: 2456-7620 2022
28DR.MANIMA BHUYANASSAMESELoka Sanskritir RupdarshanA book on Assamese Folkcultur and Published by Nabajyoti Dev Choudhuri on behalf of TechnoEd Publication. Guwahati. ISBN: 978-93-81859-51-3. First Edition: August-2017. 2017
29DR.MANIMA BHUYANASSAMESETulanamulok Bharatiya SahityaA Book on comparative Indian Literature in Assamese, published by Prava Publication, Edited by Dr Manima Bhuyan, HOD. Department of Assamese, Mahendra Narayan Choudhary Balika Mahavidyalaya, Nalbari, First Edition :August, 2021 . ISBN : 978-81-949936-2-9.2021
30Financial inclusion and financial literacy Issn book department of economics mncbm2023
31BONTI HAZARIKAPOLITICAL SCIENCEBook Publication Book Publication Indian Political Thinkers 2022
32BONTI HAZARIKAPOLITICAL SCIENCEBook Publication \" Political Process and Institutions in Comparative Perspective \" 2022
33ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Money and Financial Markets, Published by Ashok Book Stall 2022
34ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSBook Publication Introductory Microeconomics: Theory and Practices, Published by Ashok Publication, Guwahati 2022
35ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSUGC Care JournalAnalysis of Some Major Food Crops Specially Rice Production of Assam in Recent times, International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities2019
36ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSUGC Care JournalRural Infrastructure as an Input for Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages in Assam- An Analysis, Science, Technology and Development Journal 2020
37ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSUGC Care JournalImpact of Technological Progress on Land and Rice Production of Assam-An Analysis 2020
38ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSSCOPUS JournalAn Analytical Study of Modernization and Women Empowerment in the Context of Economic Development of Assam, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 2020
39ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSSCOPUS JournalAn Analytical Study of Rice Production of Assam with Special Reference to Nalbari District, Journal of Social Sciences 2020
40ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSSCOPUS JournalAn Analysis of Financial Inclusion and SHG-Bank Linkage Programme in Assam, Journal of the Social Sciences 2021
41ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationRole of Education in Empowering Women Through Generation of Employment in Assam, Kasturi Printers and Publishers, Guwahati 2013
42ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationAgricultural Land and Production of Food Crops : A Contributory Study to GDP in Assam, Gayatri Publications, Rewa,M.P.2014
43ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationMaking Food Security Work, Kurukshetra Journal, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 2014
44ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationSustainable Development through Women Empowerment in India:Issues and Challenges, Gayatri Publications, Rewa,M.P.2014
45ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationRural Development Schemes in Assam, Kurukshetra Journal, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 2014
46ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationApplicability of Matrix Inverse in Simple Model of Economics-An Analysis, IOSR-JM2014
47ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationRecent Trend of Agricultural Finance in Assam, Kurukshetra Journal, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 2014
48ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationQuantitative Analysis of Poverty and Human in the Context of Assam Economy, Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 2015
49ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationStrengthening Rural-Urban Linkages through Infrastructure in Assam, Kurukshetra Journal, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 2015
50ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSISBN PublicationInstitutional Rural Credit in Assam- An Overview, IJHSS2017
51ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Topic: Education for Rural Women- The Way Forward, Conducted by Nalbari Commerce College on 16th & 17th June, 20222022
52ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Topic: Poverty and Human Development: An Analytical Study in Assam, Conducted by Poona College of Arts, Science &Commerce on 20th March,2023 (Presented Online)2023
53ANUPAM SARMAECONOMICSNational Seminar Topic: Contribution of Rural Women in Work Force Participation in Assam: An Analytical Study, Conducted by Department of Accountancy, Nalbari Commerce College on 10-11August, 2023 2023
55SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONEnvironmental Awareness Among the Schedule Tribes- A StudyISBN-978-81-929759-0-02015
56SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONSri Aurobindo Gosh-Reflective Study of Educational PhilosophyISSN- 2319-47662015
57SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONThe Adjustment Problems of Adolescents in Present SocietyISBN-978-93-84466-30-52016
58SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONThe Social freedom among the Women living in Kamrup district of Assam- A study of some variablesISSN-2394-75002016
59SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONThe level of Stress among the college going Adolescents living in Guwahati city of AssamISSN- 2349-34292016
60SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONSocio- Economic Condition and Emotional violence against working women living in Guwahati city of AsISSN-2455-9040(UGC APPROVED)2017
61SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONFeminism: A Link to PedagogyISBN-978-93-85839-82-5 Edite Book- Dimensions of Education Editors: Prof. Lutfun Rasul Saikia Dr. Kasturi Gakul DVS Publishers, Guwahati2023
62SMITA SHARMAEDUCATIONImplementation of Child Labour(Child Labour Act 1986) and the present scenerio of Child Labour in G ISBN- 978-93-84466-13-8 Edited Book- Inclusive Education Editors- Dr. Utpal Kalita Dr. Mallika Kalita2015
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