Cells and Committees:

Grievance Redressal Cell:

Convenor: Girindra Kr. Bhatta

1. Scope : The G.R. Cells tries to address the grievance of the following :
        (a) Students.
        (b) Teachers.
        (c) Non-teaching staff.
        (d) Stake holders.
2. The grievance should have direct relationship either with the administrative, teaching-learning, infrastructural or other aspects of the college mechanism.
3. The grievance may be submitted in writing through the Grievance and Suggestions Box personally communicated to the principal.
4. The Principal, who is the President of the Cell, tries to address all grievances with the speed they deserve. In expending action he seek the advice

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC):

Convenor: Dr. Kaushik Kr. Deka

The college has an IQAC that was formed in 01-08-2003. The major activities of the internal mechanism constituting are various cells and committees for quality improvement in teaching and learning are framed by IQAC. Besides it also plans and executes programmes to interface scholastic learning with skill training. The main objectives of this cell is the improvement of academic atmosphere of the college. The decision of the IQAC, on the academic an non-academic matters are systematically implemented under the leadership of the head of the institution. The basic thrust of the IQAC is to being about synergy between the various wings of the college.

MNCBM Publication Unit:

Convenor: Dr. Anima Dutta

The objectives of the publication unit are :

    1. To published materials relating to academic and other relevant subjects
    2. To defuses and popularise the ideals of the founder Shri Mahendra Narayan Choudhury

The M.N.C.B.M. Publication Unit had been functioning since its inception in 1990. Books relating to academic matters and books on the life and times of Mahendra Narayan Choudhury, A grade philanthropist of the region, are published by the Samiti,
The unit Co-ordinates the publication of departmental research journals, women studies journal an such other publication.

MNCBM Publication Unit

Extension Education Cell:

Convenor: Mrs. Dhanada Kalita

Our college attaches much significant to extension activities. We have been arranging free medical camps with the help of qualified doctors at remote places for the last many years. Efforts like seminars, workshops, visit to various rural areas are undertaken to populise outreach activities. Teachers and students are inform well in advanced to actively participants in all programs.

Objectives of this cell are –

    1. To help inculcate a sense of social commitment.
    2. To take the institution closer to social needs.

Extention Education Cell

Society for promotion for folk culture:

Convenor: Dr. Manima Bhuyan

The society entrusted with the responsibility of promoting and preserving for posterity the rich folk heritage of Assam with special emphasis on such folk forms as Biyanam, Aai-nam, Kamrupi and Gowalpara Folk songs.

Society for promotion of national integration and communal harmony:

Convenor: Dr. Hitesh Ch. Kalita

The significant of national integration and communal harmony can never be under played. The college attached much significant to the multi: faceted spectrum of India’s cultural heritage. A society for promotion of these aspects was formed in 2002. It is entrusted with the task of promoting understanding of ethnic andreligious diversity and discouraging all forms of bigotry and obscurantism.

The faculty members are asked to highlight this aspects not only in their day to day interaction and meetings but are advices to integrate this in to the teaching learning process.

Health awareness club:

Convenor: Dr. Kaushik Kr. Deka

Through the globe there has beena growing awareness regarding health. We also believe that a person with a healthy body and a healthy mind can cope with real life situation in an effective way. There is a health awareness club in our college. Seminars and meeting are arranged to discuss various health-related issues. Eminent doctors and resources persons are invited to such meetings.

Health Awarness

MNCBM Multi Gym:

Convenor: Mr. Tridip Thakuriah

A 16 seater multi gym has been part of the college infra-structure. It is helping to enhance health awareness among college fraternity and students. Students can should make use of the gym facilities after the class hours.

Multi Gym

Population Education Club:

Convenor: Dr. Dalimi Devi

    1. The club aims at educating the messages on problems such as health, hygiene, sanitation and such other issues that touch their lives.
    2. To select backward areas order to provide expert help through periodic camps.
    3. To educate people on the need to keep small families.
    4. To make people aware to the danger of population explosion.
    5. To focus on gender imbalance (Male to Female Ratio) and its consequences.

Society for promotion of Indian classical music:

Convenor: Mrs. Manashree Baruah

    1. To popularise and promote Indian Classical Music.
    2. To recommend Incentives to Students showing talents in classical music’s.
    3. To popularise Bargeet, A unique contribution of Shri Sankardeva and Madhabdeva.

Research Work and Documentation Cell:

Convenor: Dr. Reba Goswami

    1. To keep a tab on the research activities going on within the college.
    2. To documents the research activities.
    3. To encourage and support a culture of research.

Career Counseling and Guidance Cell:

Convenor: Mr. Bhabesh Deka

    1. To counsel and guide students regarding career choices.
    2. To provide information concerning Institution of Higher Learning.
    3. Explore and help hold campus recruitment drives.

Career Counseling & Guidance Cell

Parent-Teacher Association:

Convenor: Mr. Naba Kr. Talukdar

    1. To keep in touch with parents in order to help their wards perform better.
    2. To take suggestion and inputs from parents to improve teaching-learning.
    3. To keep students expectations in mind to make teaching learning more beautiful.

Personal Counselling Cell:

Convenor: Dr. Dipti Choudhury

    1. To help student in need of psychological help.
    2. To help student cope with academic stress better.
    3. To help new comers adjust with the new environment.
    4. To help develop individual competence.
    5. To help avoid inter and intra-personal tension and conflicts.
    6. To provide help in taking decisions in peronal matters and problems.

Equal Opportunity Cell:

Convenor: DR. Leena Deka

   1. Helping girl students imbibe self-worth.
   2. Create awarness regarding opportunities in life.
   3. Address gender related obstacles for girls/women.
   4. Hold workshops, discussions, lectures etc on equal opportunity for socio-economically challenges.

Equal Opportunity Cell

Alumni Association:

Convenor: DR. Hiramani Talukdar

    1. To take active and lively interest in the progress of alumni in various walks of life.
    2. To hold Alumni Meet.
    3. To interact with alumni to reinforce learning and other aspects in the college.

Alumni Association

Scouts & Guide(Ranger) Committee:

Convenor: MRS. Marami Sarma

    1. To monitor the ‘Scouts & Guides Ranger Team’ of the college there is a scouts & Guides(Ranger) Committee.
    2. To inculcate a sense of social service and nationalism.
    3. To foter leading qualities.

Scouts & Guide Committee

Women Study Forum:

Convenor: Convenor: DR. Leena Deka

    1. This Forum provides a fora a for women to air their point of view on issues typically concerning them.
    2. To keep abreast of and diffuse the issues concerning women.
    3. To contribute intellectually to the ‘Women’s Question.
    4. To bring out an annual Journal.
    5. To sensitise people on gender issues.

RTI Cell:

Convener: G.Bhatta

    1. Create awareness about Right to Information.
    2. Respond timely and effectively to RTI applications.
    3. Embed transparency into the day to day functionig of the college.
    4. Diffuse information through Transparency Board.

Gender Sensitives Cell:

    1. Sensitise stakeholders on gender issues.
    2. Structure gender issue into the course work.
    3. Hold talks, discussions, seminars etc on gender related issues.
    4. Invite women achievers to motivate students.

Gender Sensitives Cell

Disaster Risk Manageent Cell:

Convener: MR.Padmrswar Kalita

Assam is a disaster zone in terms of floods and earth quakes. Caualty in such situation tend to be higher where there is a lack of awereness. In this context Disaster Risk Management Committee has a crucial role to play.

    The committee aims at-
    1. Increasing awareness regarding disasters.
    2. Equip students to face disaster better.
    3. Provide counselling to traumatised people.
    4. To provide relief to victims.

Disaster Risk Manageent

Anti Ragging Cell:

Convener: MR.Naba Kr.Talukdar

    1. Take proactive steps to keep the campus ragging-free.
    2. Put mechanism in place to oversee the evil of ragging, in every form, is completely rooted out.
    Green Club:
    1. To keep the campus clean and green.
    2. To keep the campus plastic free.
    3. Create awareness on environment through study tours, lectures, seminars etc.

Anti Ragging Cell

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