Dr. Krishna Chandra Goudo

email: krishnaChanda@gmail.com



The role of education as an agency of empowerment can never be overemphasised. It is more so in case of education for the girl child and women, given the social reality concerning these sections of our population. This social consciousness was the fundamental reason behind the birth of M.N.C. Balika Mahavidyalaya. Since its inception in 1979 the college has created quite a few milestones, particularly after 1989, the year in whcih it was brought under the Deficit Grant-in-Aid system,
One of them was the recognition of the college as a College with Potential for Excellence, besides producing toppers at +2 and under graduate levels almost on a regular basis.

Challenges before this fledgeling girls’ institution were many. The principal challenge was to combine social commitment with quality. In otherwords it has to embed the founder’s vision of socially sensitive inclusiveness. This experiment, which seemed difficult initially, has now been materialised to a large measure, thanks to the synergy between society, administration, stake-holders, the faculty and the non-teaching staff. The untiring efforts of my predecessors to create academic excellence have paid dividends in ample measure. Particularly their endeavour in creating a unique institutional ethos, where value addition in the form of imparting skills that are in demand, learner-centric approach, modern technological intervention in the form of E-class room, Digital Langauge Laboratory etc. were structured into the day to day teaching learning. But institutions are not about reaching destinations but about raising the bar and striving towards greater excellence. In the light of this parameter we have a lot of distance to cover both in terms of enlarging choices before students and administering them in a way that give the best deal to learners.

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