The College has two hostels

1. Kamini Bala Choudhury Girl,s Hostal

2. MNC New Hostel

Kamini Bala Choudhury Girl,s Hostel was established in 2002. It is adjacent to the college premises . Kamini Bala Choudhury Girl,s Hostel is constructed in 2002. on plot of land donated by late Kamini Choudhary,s benovalent son Dr. Debi Charan Choudhury, Ex-professor, Gauwahati Medical College.

MNC new hostel was constructed with UGC funds inside the college campus in 2008

A Hostel management committee headed by the principal as a president, a senior teacher as secretary and lady teacher as warden looks after the administration of the hostels To ensure smooth maintenance's the warden residence in the Hostel

Utmost care is taken to maintain healthy academic environment in the hostels. Disciplinary action is taken against borders violating the regulations of the hostels. In all such matters, the decision of the Hostel Management comittee is final and binding power back-up is provided in all the hostels

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